My usual day starts making sure Adamo is prepped and ready for school, breakfast of fruits, then off to walk him unless Fra takes him which he did today. I was greeted by a familiar name, my best friend sent me an email with a video from home. I haven’t seen him in years and seeing him now on a screen, walking in places and spaces, bringing back these smells, the warmth of a noonday sun against bright orange earth or the cool blanket of humid mountain air, swimming in it or sinking ever so peacefully, resting my head at the deepest bottom, easily found also at the highest peak. I can go on writing about home but what really happens to me is much more than I can talk/write about. I start to spill on the floor, pieces of me rushing at the pull of gravity, falling into hidden cracks, deeper and deeper still into the core of the earth. There, where there is no distance between places, spaces, and people. I am home. We are all together again.

It is good to remember, to be shaken into being. While the video talks much more about re-thinking our waste/lifestyle and re-creating a more sustainable world, I can’t help but think about how I can bring that consciousness into my own work which is mostly online, seemingly removed from the here-now reality.