Should you be anywhere near Paris this coming April 15, come and witness Sacred Woods, an art exhibit by Octavia Monaco – a truly beautiful and talented artist/illustrator whose work always revolves around the archaic nature of the feminine -minus the feminist! I had a good laugh talking to her about this issue which is often confused by not just men but especially women. We both agree that feminine nature exists in both sexes and cannot be exclusively expressed by those with a vagina. In fact, sexless nature has long been referred to as mother and as destroyer (Shiva). This is one of those topics that need a good sit down with a cup of tea and company.

I agreed to collaborate with her in making this animated trailer featuring her works. I am also working on making a short animation with more of her works later on. Those who will go to her show will find my animation playing there as well! Very excited about that and I really wish I could go there myself!