Finally here are your winners! After over 50 votes and close competition, I’m happy to announce:

The Most Creative Video Portrait award goes to Muse(um) by Jenni Fuchs and the Most Inspiring Video Portrait award goes to Jennie Maizels and Her Pencils by Kat Molesworth. Yay congratulations! I’ll be mailing these treasure boxes to you soon! 

It’s been a wild ride! Thank you to all the students and friends for your engagement and support. I greatly underestimated the amount of work involved in making this workshop work and though I loved pouring out my creativity and passion on lecture videos and class notes and organizing the screening, I felt almost limp towards the end trying to catch my breath – it was just a LOT of stuff to do in a short short time. I’ve learned a great deal and I think I’ll be taking some time off to recharge and recoup before creating the next Muse workshop. Stay tuned! 🙂