Oh please do have a good wiff of woody woodland bliss. I’d sure love to brush past some greenery and dangle on branches. I’ve been feeling like that globe of a desert, winds blowing over dunes, constantly rearranging the landscape. In short, overworked and my batteries have run dry in the last days/weeks and it’s about time we re-enter into the wild and get some of that LUSHness back again. 

In a few weeks time we move house and next week I go to Berlin for The Hive and then Bonn to finally visit my dear aunts. A lot has passed in just a matter of months. 2013 has already exceeded everything I imagined. I knew I was going to go through a few changes – and that was exactly what I asked for. But such a crazy ride it has been. Can we pitch a tent out here for the night and just, for a moment, get lost in this maze and let it have us, have it borrow our bodies and deliver it elsewhere.

Teaching an online class was one of those big steps forward and it went wonderfully. I was completely astounded by the work and genius of people, the biggest hearts shared to the world. For the first time I feel like I’m doing something worthwhile. My creative explorations weren’t so much of a waste afterall.

Surely a lot more to come in the next weeks. There may not be that many trees involved but as far as I can see, this is certainly a WILD way to live. Take the wild out of life and what do you get? Meh.