One of the more pressing topics I’ve come across lately among creatives and bloggers alike is authenticity. This came up from an increasing need to stand out in the busy internet. While The good news is that there are indeed very many creative-type folks around. There are whole communities dedicated to most any kind of creative

By default, we are already unique and unlike anyone else in the world. Mostly. I won’t go into how the society, media, or upbringing discourages us from being authentic or creative. But I will talk about intention and how authenticity can be strengthened through it.


Has it been four years? Indeed even more than that since I last actively vlogged. That’s not why I’m putting this ‘premature’ vlog post up and announcing this new video series for creatives (it’s about time!).

If you’ve been following my work for a while, thank you for being a witness. Truly. If there’s anything I can support you with, an idea you want to explore – I would love to hear from you.