Ever dreamed of living abroad and making a living there doing something you love? Isn’t that what movies/books are made of? This is what an EPIC life means and just the thought of it moves you. It’s exciting but also intimidating.

Whether you’re an artist, designer, writer, musician – these 3 tips from painter Kelly Medford will cover the essentials of what it takes to ‘make it’ abroad doing your art.

With 10 years of experience to glean from and also a living testament (she is a full-time plein air painter based in Rome, Italy), no doubt this will save you time and help propel you to making that dream a reality.

This also marks the first of a series of videos we are creating for you! 🙂 We thoroughly enjoyed making this and look forward to creating more soon. We hope you’ll share your thoughts, ideas and/or questions by leaving a comment below.

Onwards forwards! xo