Zero the One is an individually run creative studio focused on helping professionals and creatives be the best of themselves through photo, video and design. No pretense, celebrating what comes naturally by keeping it real and simple.

Simple doesn’t mean ordinary. It means taking the path of least resistance, removing the fluff, allowing you to be free, relaxed, wild – however way you are that feels good to you. We’ve worked with great people on various projects. Take a look at some examples here.

Katrina Tan, born and raised in the Philippines, is a creative based in Rome, Italy. Before dabbling with her current work she started as a visual artist then as a performer/musician and later as as a video maker, photographer and designer.

She’s also co-founder and co-host of Muse Radio, a podcast on the creative life.

Her latest collaborative project is the Olive Harvest Retreat, a weekend getaway in Umbria, Italy.

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