Libya 2006

Libya 2006

That is a picture of the ancient Greek and Roman ruins of Libya, from a distance. It is hard to imagine that once upon a time here in this dry desert was a thriving enterprise and an empire teeming with activity, drama, and culture just a few thousand years ago. Perhaps now it is all left completely to our imagination especially after the recent civil war and bombings. Without these landmarks, these fossils, who will remember? Unless one bothers to pick up a book, or look through some photographs, it is as if nothing happened. All turned into dust.

These film photographs were taken in 2006 by my husband Francesco. Back then he had the lucky opportunity to visit (it was never so easy for foreigners to visit Libya under Geddafi). At the time he was so inspired by his experience that he immediately wrote a book, very personal and he was about to publish it but unfortunately one of the real-life characters involved in the book did not approve of it and it had to go hidden until the recent war broke out and a sudden desire to release this work made him rewrite the whole book and publish it this year. I used some of his pictures from the actual trip to create the cover for Libya 2006: Viaggio a tre voci (A Trip in 3 Voices). Here is the design I came up with, my imagination of what Libya feels like.

The publisher has a fixed format for their books so I didn’t have to design the title and text but here is how it looks printed.

It is in Italian and


 has some copies if anyone is interested in purchasing. Do you think its a good idea to try and make it available for purchase online?

Sunken Church

Sunken Church

Over a month ago, a friend of Francesco asked me to bring to life his vision for this graphic inspired by the story of the sunken church in Ancona (read about it by scrolling down his blog


). I met Jason, a missionary unlike any other, and his family only a few times and felt sad they had to leave just when I was starting to settle in Italy. Anyway, we had an interesting conversation over tandoori chicken one time. Shared some thoughts on books. Malcolm Gladwell came up and a brief chat over

The Black Swan

(not the movie). I thought he was amazingly open and curious (hearing about the time Fra brought an anarchist to one of their dinners to discuss creation makes me want to bonk Fra’s head but still, Jason is so chill. That was probably even fun for him – my guess.)

So here is Jason’s vision of the sunken church – under the Adriatic sea! Thats the

Duomo of Ancona

, by the way still on top of a hill and can be viewed today should you pass by this port city. What a fun project to work on, this one. Thanks again Jason!

Hear more about him and his adventures over at

On other life news, we just recently moved to Pesaro and I’m loving it. Still need to move in a few more stuff and working on finishing projects like Project Greece, which you can now


 to for launch updates and news as fresh as lemonade on a hot sunny day like today OH YES.

Tutorial: Pink Splash + free Wallpaper

Tutorial: Pink Splash + free Wallpaper

Adamo sitting beside the onions.


 asked me if I could share the Pink Splash effect on my photos lately so I thought I’d do a quick tutorial. This is so easy (I managed to squeeze it into a few steps) with so many ways you can modify and play. View the screencast below for the spiel and pause anytime to follow.

Free wallpaper in these sizes (right-click and save as):












Conversations on work

Conversations on work

One of my shoe-art projects from eons ago.

So recently I’ve been exploring on what possibilities to explore in terms of creative work. I’d say its both frustrating and exciting. Frustrating because I don’t want to be driven wholly on generating income (taking over my mind-space) and exciting because I have a LOAD of ideas, crazy fun awesome entrepreneurial ideas – seriously brilliant and I can totally visualize it happening RIGHT NOW (whether it generates income or not). I’m good at that, I’m very good at brainstorming and seeing the impossible possible and breaking down the steps to making it happen. Maybe I should be a consultant, a brainstorm buddy of sorts? *jotting that down*

Anywhey, I decided to explore what else is out there to see whats really happening in the indie creative entrepreneurial scene. Some of my finds include:


I think I found this through a tweet by one of the authors connected to

Pugly Pixel

. *Small world afterall..* and since I had some savings left over from christmas I thought, lets check it out. In one word: Insightful. Lots of helpful tips and exercises to really get down to the essentials, its really like a Compass (as they put it).

Alt Summit Channel: Creative Collaborations by Laura Mayes

How did I jump into this rabbit hole, I’m not so sure anymore but I signed up for this class days ago and enjoyed the session. I thought she had great input on creative collaborations and how to work with others over the net and make things happen. I’m a collaboration junkie so I thought this was a great way to refresh that team spirit. Thanks Anna of

Canoe Design

 for this find.


So, as you can see, I’m in a bit of a creative high these last weeks. Writing things down and allowing the dust to settle a bit before moving on to the next step.

How about you? How do you go about your own creative work? Care to


Fall into Fall

Fall into Fall

It was a good day. Took a walk outside with the little one and Fra, enjoying the best moments of this season. Also got to wear this poncho hand-me-down from a neighbor -that plus Fra’s old pair of green jeans and my brown boots, well.. It just felt so easy and relaxed and.. Scarborough Fair

If your getting into the mood as well, here’s a wallpaper I made with the photos I took today. Free to download! Enjoy 🙂

Antiquariato Finds

Antiquariato Finds

That good ol’ feeling… Always get a rush out of vintage. 🙂 Here, just some of the most inspired from the big Antiquariato (used-goods fest) in Ancona. Just look at those colors, the illustrations – the thought they put into it – WILD!