Italy Tarot Tour

Italy Tarot Tour

Last year was full of interesting encounters and travels around Italy. One of the best was this sojourn with a merry band of tarot travelers, tracing the history, symbolism, and art of Tarot where it was originally found/created, in northern Italy. I wrote about it last year before the actual trip here. And now, months after, I’ve finally come around completing the trailer below, with things you might expect to see/find on this tour.

Find out more about this year’s tarot tour here. I am so glad I found Arnell Ando, host and organizer of this tour who is also a respected tarot artist and owner of the online Tarot Emporium for all your tarot needs and curiosities. She is both gracious and divine, a wonderful person inside out. More on her and other tarot stories soon.

You are worth more than many sparrows

You are worth more than many sparrows

We witnessed the making of this giant mural – a human tiered cake of the system (otherwise referred to as the tower of babel) and saw parts of what it took to make long time-lapse videos. In this case it took a week and around 3-4 different cameras all operated by


, not to mention all the tools/machinery required to paint this on the side of a building.


, the artist, says everything here like a giant mirror of Italy. Looking back and looking at this, I think both of them made a masterpiece. Find this at Macro in Via Nizza, Rome.

The dust may have settled. There is still so much to be done at least for me and the work that waits every morning for its turn, waits still with others. I like to think that I am not alone in this quest for completion. Everyday is still a chance and every now is someplace else than where we were before.

Rome Creatives 1st Meet

Rome Creatives 1st Meet

Not too long ago I opened up a group within the InterNations community called Rome Creatives. The concept was to “Learn. Share. Create.” – which became a kind of advocacy over the years of collaborating with creatives: artists, designers, musicians, philosophers, scientists, meditators, and their kin. They say “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” Eat, drink and be merry? Perhaps that and a bit more substance.

By chance I found this sweet spot not too far from my son’s first ever asilo/school. Its called Officina Dolce (more photos + article here), and immediately I thought – CUPCAKES! and also, brilliant location for a meet! One baby step led to another. I talked to the owner and created this little video portrait, put up my online flyer and had four people show up.

Two Italian ladies, one architect and one lawyer + a British working at FAO + a French who works for an international NGO = very interesting mix. We did a portrait activity together, something I adapted from the awesomest art school (MMM) I used to work in. And it went pretty well despite most everyone’s lack of confidence in their drawing abilities.

Overall – a wonderful beginning for more interesting encounters in 2013!!! 🙂 Excited for you and me and all! Lets bring in worthy challenges and great successes this new year.



Affordable Art Fair

Affordable Art Fair

Welcome to the

Affordable Art Fair

in Rome. I didn’t expect to be so enthralled by this affair but as I was approaching the entrance with this gigantic bamboo installation, I knew I was about to be – well, wowed.

A short video I took of the event here:

Put simply, here you will find well curated art for less than 5000 euros by talented and emerging artists. Anyone who has ever loved art yet never considered collecting art can finally dabble into this (once) exclusive world without having to sell a leg or an arm. The organizers have made it so easy for anyone to do so that they provide a guide and assistance – a kind of art collector’s 101 course.

The remains of the former slaughterhouse that is now

Macro Museum of Contemporary Art

I love how emerging artists can be celebrated in this manner. Here it feels almost as if we are near them and seeing everyone looking through the pieces and imagining how it would fit their homes and spaces, directly communing with the art (even unknowingly) is quite beautiful to watch. People quietly feeling their way into the works. Surely an emotional response is important to choosing art, how it impacts you and how it contributes to the space it will inhabit.

My favorite part of all was receiving some free art materials! More on that soon. and if your curious to see more from this event, I wrote an article over at


 with more details. Ahhh now a spur of inspiration to get me back into the use of these hands. And you, how are you using your hands these days?

Libya 2006

Libya 2006

That is a picture of the ancient Greek and Roman ruins of Libya, from a distance. It is hard to imagine that once upon a time here in this dry desert was a thriving enterprise and an empire teeming with activity, drama, and culture just a few thousand years ago. Perhaps now it is all left completely to our imagination especially after the recent civil war and bombings. Without these landmarks, these fossils, who will remember? Unless one bothers to pick up a book, or look through some photographs, it is as if nothing happened. All turned into dust.

These film photographs were taken in 2006 by my husband Francesco. Back then he had the lucky opportunity to visit (it was never so easy for foreigners to visit Libya under Geddafi). At the time he was so inspired by his experience that he immediately wrote a book, very personal and he was about to publish it but unfortunately one of the real-life characters involved in the book did not approve of it and it had to go hidden until the recent war broke out and a sudden desire to release this work made him rewrite the whole book and publish it this year. I used some of his pictures from the actual trip to create the cover for Libya 2006: Viaggio a tre voci (A Trip in 3 Voices). Here is the design I came up with, my imagination of what Libya feels like.

The publisher has a fixed format for their books so I didn’t have to design the title and text but here is how it looks printed.

It is in Italian and


 has some copies if anyone is interested in purchasing. Do you think its a good idea to try and make it available for purchase online?

One last.. Summer Jamboree!

One last.. Summer Jamboree!

Just one more summer fling before we turn the page and let the leaves fall. Come swing by Senigallia around august for Summer Jamboree, the hottest rockin’ holiday on earth! I had been wanting to go for two years and finally came this time around – what a blast! Here are some of the photos from the big event with bands flying from everywhere in the world and lots and lots of dancing. 🙂 better late than never!