Phoenix Imago

Phoenix Imago

Recently spent some time with Rob of Phoenix Imago around Rome. This is probably the fastest and most spontaneous multi-collaboration I’ve done also together with British artist Amy Hiley as main photographer.



Later that night Rob did an intimate acoustic performance at a local cafe/bar in Monti called Pierrot Le Fou. It was a fresh experience – meeting and working for the first time with two uniquely talented folks. It was also so fast, too fast even. One day and a half to shoot everything with little preparation, simply flowing, moving where the creative impulse took us. I’m just grateful to be able to spend time with Rob and Amy. It seemed like hanging out with old friends, fooling around. I do wish them all the success and wild sparks of genius. A special thank you to radiant Alison of Path Less Trodden for making this possible.

Childhood Apples

Two beautiful Lithuanians spent some time with us in Rome and cooked up this delish dish from their childhood. I’ll be writing down the accurate ingredients + process soon. Meanwhile, enjoy this heart-warming treat.

In other news, finishing a lot of video projects plus upcoming skillshare online class on creating video portraits here. Sign up and enjoy 15% off with code EUNOIA. Video trailer for that will be coming soon. 🙂

You are worth more than many sparrows

You are worth more than many sparrows

We witnessed the making of this giant mural – a human tiered cake of the system (otherwise referred to as the tower of babel) and saw parts of what it took to make long time-lapse videos. In this case it took a week and around 3-4 different cameras all operated by


, not to mention all the tools/machinery required to paint this on the side of a building.


, the artist, says everything here like a giant mirror of Italy. Looking back and looking at this, I think both of them made a masterpiece. Find this at Macro in Via Nizza, Rome.

The dust may have settled. There is still so much to be done at least for me and the work that waits every morning for its turn, waits still with others. I like to think that I am not alone in this quest for completion. Everyday is still a chance and every now is someplace else than where we were before.

Rome Creatives 1st Meet

Rome Creatives 1st Meet

Not too long ago I opened up a group within the InterNations community called Rome Creatives. The concept was to “Learn. Share. Create.” – which became a kind of advocacy over the years of collaborating with creatives: artists, designers, musicians, philosophers, scientists, meditators, and their kin. They say “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” Eat, drink and be merry? Perhaps that and a bit more substance.

By chance I found this sweet spot not too far from my son’s first ever asilo/school. Its called Officina Dolce (more photos + article here), and immediately I thought – CUPCAKES! and also, brilliant location for a meet! One baby step led to another. I talked to the owner and created this little video portrait, put up my online flyer and had four people show up.

Two Italian ladies, one architect and one lawyer + a British working at FAO + a French who works for an international NGO = very interesting mix. We did a portrait activity together, something I adapted from the awesomest art school (MMM) I used to work in. And it went pretty well despite most everyone’s lack of confidence in their drawing abilities.

Overall – a wonderful beginning for more interesting encounters in 2013!!! 🙂 Excited for you and me and all! Lets bring in worthy challenges and great successes this new year.



Quick update + Rome

Quick update + Rome

The weather is playing cat and dog this week. Yesterday was greyish, windy and foggy in a humid tropical way but today – sun, light, lush greens and flowers. Other than that, we’ve been in the company of some great people, working on filming a theater play by Fra. Its been very interesting.

Also, a new

Dispatch from Italy post

is live on Poppytalk. Take a look if you haven’t yet, I’m pretty happy about it. (Honestly, I love the animated gif of Fra and Adamo across the street. hehehe.. silly billies. *dorky grin*). I’m posting just some more photos here from that walkabout. I have to say, I really really liked the picnic. I’ll be doing that again. 🙂